Welcome to Seven Points Farm! We are a mismatched but loving modern family consisting of partners Lyle & Becca, Becca’s mom Gramma T, and Lyle’s son Lil’ A. Our blog is about things we already know, things we find fascinating and are learning about, and our future plans for making Seven Points Farm a place where people can visit and learn.

We have chosen to actively return to a more simple life through mindfulness, organic eating, nurturing a living soil, and utilizing the plant-based medicines that grow on our earth which includes cannabis. These principles can lead to healthier bodies, minds and hearts. We also hope to share and spread this information to others, nurturing a ripple of change in our community.

Please explore our website and blog to learn about who we are and why we have chosen to live our lives following our Seven Points. We hope it inspires you to identify what is important to you and what your personal goals are, as ultimately that is what has led us to Seven Points Farm.