Looking for a more natural and simple way of life is not new or unusual, but finding it on the internet is. If you have found Seven Points Farm it means you were searching for something a little bit different… You might be looking for a way to disconnect from everyday consumerism, or for easy ideas to simplify your life, or to simply learn something new. Seven Points Farm wants to help you find YOUR version of a more natural and simple life.

Seven Points Farm will be many things to us, but first and foremost it is a dynamic entity that will encompass the ideas, efforts and energies of our family. For now its address is primarily on the internet, but one day it will be an address you will be able to visit in person while participating and learning. Our desire is to share things we have found to be important to not only our well-being, but to our earth and to those around us as well. We also want to share our journey towards fulfilling our dreams of homesteading, but with a slightly different twist than most… we believe the medicinal bounty of our earth includes cannabis.


BeccaBecca grew up in the city, but always knew she was a mountain girl at heart. She may have spent her school days seeing more pavement than dirt, but summers and vacations were spent in the country and mountains amongst the trees and grasses. At the age of 18 she took off for the mountains and found her true home. After spending plenty of time “in town” she moved back to the mountains and never looked back. Becca’s green thumb was inherited from the generations of farmers in her family, her love of teaching came from her mother, Gramma T, and her inspiration and courage to try something completely different comes from Lyle and Lil’ A. Becca has been studying the medicinal uses of cannabis and other herbs for several years now, and thoroughly enjoys experimenting and perfecting her recipes for salves and tinctures. Returning to a more simple and natural way of living will always be an ongoing labor of love for her. Becca uses cannabis internally to treat depression, and uses it internally and externally for pain from several major injuries.


ZZZZDadLyle grew up in a small mountain community in northern California where he learned from his mom how to can & preserve, raise various farm animals, and other useful homesteading practices. His dad taught him how to fix, weld, machine, fabricate and build nearly anything. Consequently he grew up to be both a Mountain William and a Journeyman Electrician who is comfortable doing most anything in construction. This combined with years of working and managing large garden projects gives him a unique and yet very broad set of skills. Being the dad of three children has also given him a love of sharing his knowledge with others. Lil’ A is Lyle’s youngest son who still lives at home, while his 2 older children are grown and living in a nearby town. Lyle uses cannabis internally to treat depression and insomnia, and uses it internally and externally for pain from severe tendonitis in both hands, wrists and elbows.


Gramma TGramma T is the mother of 4 (including a beautiful daughter!) and grandmother of 2. She grew up in a rural community in central California, raised on a farm learning gardening and homesteading practices. After spending years as an elementary school teacher, she retired to the small mountain community where she currently lives. What CAN’T Gramma T do when it comes to the home? Gramma T is proficient at gardening, crocheting, knitting, quilting, sewing, cooking, baking, canning, preserving, painting, home repairs… If she doesn’t know how to do something, by golly she will do the research and ask the right questions until she can. Gramma T uses cannabis externally to treat various aches and pains.

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    1. Cannabis has definitely been used to treat psoriasis, particularly when used topically. I would highly recommend checking out our Healing Cannabis Salve! If you do make the salve, I would also suggest adding some essential oils to the final process that are beneficial for psoriasis, such as thyme, lavender and geranium. Directions for when to add essential oils are included in the post. Good luck and I hope you find some relief!


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