Seven Points Farm Living

Seven Points Farm Living

Lyle and I have adopted principles in our lives… Now, my younger self would laugh at that first sentence, but now that I’m *cough cough* of a certain age, it makes absolute sense. For the first time in my life I feel grounded and balanced- I have a family that I look forward to coming home to; I have goals, a future, a plan, that excites me. With all of that has come a change in my very way of being- I find myself drawn to a simpler life that eschews consumerism and “stuffism”. That is, that silly desire for more STUFF!

With Lyle in my life now, this desire for a simpler life has become even stronger, and my goals bigger. These are the Seven Points of Living we now practice at Seven Points Farm. We chose the word “practice” deliberately as life is about trying and lessons and learning…

Simple Living.  Returning to a simpler life where our focus is on nurturing relationships with each other and the earth. Produce as much as we can ourselves and when needed, make reasonable purchases based on beneficial intentions.

Natural Living.  Always looking for the natural alternative. Whatever we can’t grow or make ourselves is locally grown or produced, or at the least locally purchased.

Mindful Living.  Having an awareness and appreciation of each moment while being grateful to experience it. Removing the filters we have put in to place over the years, allowing our eyes to soften and our ears to open.

Thoughtful Living.  Living life with intention and purpose while considering all angles with reason. Making the conscious decision to replace judgement and assumptions with empathy and questions.

Organic Living.  Growing, producing and purchasing organic and non-GMO vegetables, plants and products.

Viable Living.  Following sound life and business practices that are good for us, good for our community, and good for our environment.

Interconnected Living.  Maintaining awareness of how all life and beings are an integral part of this earth. Absorbing and sharing information & knowledge.

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